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                                              Jack Vance

Prose master, world builder, and genius: the late author extraordinary Jack Vance. It was 1994 and I got a short story collection called "Wizards" and it included "Mazirian The Magician" by Jack Vance, which became until this day my all-time favorite story.  It is very hard to tell my favorite book written by Jack, even the ones I like the least are quite good.                                                Gene Wolfe

Maybe the greatest author of our time, literature monster Gene Wolfe. I used to see a lot of people, not just Neil Gaiman ( another favorite of mine ), speaking about Gene Wolfe and I decided to read him in 2015 and selected "The Fifth Head Of Cerberus" which I could not finish back then. In 2016, maybe because of inspiration from the Lord, I decided to try his "Book of The new Sun", and that was it, I have become a fan. I resumed reading "The Fifth Head Of Cerberus" next and finally got into it. In these days I am not sure which is my all-time favorite book: "Lord Of The Rings" or Book of The new Sun", Wolfe has passed away in May 2019 and was homaged as the greatest.

My favorite metal reference but it is a website that depicts comments from the author about his music collection, which in general, coincide with mine. The best thing is the author is Christian and shares with us his view of being a metalhead and believer.

Allan Holdsworth, or the greatest guitar player ever, music composer extraordinary. RIP.

C++ ISO association FAQ...

Professor Robert Brown and his very good physics free books.

Very interesting article on Scientists that believed in God. The whole website contains numerous articles on the subject of God and Science, although idiots like Hawkings say that they are not compatible, the website explains how it can be conveyed.

Do not be intimidated by the title. This is a holy grail for electrical engineers because the authors left the equations in the level we can grasp.

I use Vim, 40% of my time, ( ) to write and navigate through code. Here you can find my settings and the plugins I use. You can install vim from all Linux distros and even for Solaris and AIX. John Paul II biography.  Brazilian Imperial House ( Yes Brazil had Emperors and D. Pedro II was the only authentic leader we have seen here.)